Patient Participation Group – Update Summer 2022

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Yesterday we had a first PPG meeting following the break during the COVID era. The PPG group has been re-formed with new members and even more fresh ideas. We are still looking for more members so please do volunteer if you’d like to take part.

The PPG is a chance to:

  • Hear about what we are planning to do in the surgery
  • Influence our decision-making so that it can be focussed on the needs of our patients
  • Work with us to link our patients to volunteer groups in our Stapleford community

We discussed many items in the course of the meeting.

Highlights were:

Saxon Cross want to explore getting teaching for those people who struggle with computers to be able to use them for some tasks. We want to work with groups like Citizens Advice Bureau as we both feel that people who can’t use a computer or smartphone are at a disadvantage when they can’t order food to be delivered when they are ill, can’t order prescriptions or get early access to appointments on line and miss out on cheaper fuel bills.

Working with local practices in Nottingham West we have secured some funding to get this up and running.

Our group expressed:

  • A desire for more Face-to-Face appointments
  • Being able to get an routine appointment more quickly as we were able to offer before COVID
  • A desire to be seen by GPs rather than by supporting roles
  • Keeping open the suggestion box

We discussed the barriers to getting back to the pre-COVID days because of:

  • Staff having to take time off when they had COVID
  • Having to keep the waiting room lightly occupied to prevent spread of COVID
  • Having to change PPE and clean equipment between each case.
  • Increased demand as we catch up post COVID particularly on the huge rise in Mental Health Issues
  • Funding in the NHS not going into General Practice directly but into supporting roles

Everyone expressed that the meeting felt really positive and allowed all viewpoints to be expressed and discussed.